The Wrap easy chair, produced by the Swedish furniture manufacturer Stolab, made its debut at this year’s London Design Festival. Wrap, which is the company’s first upholstered product, takes its starting point from the designer’s intention to create a product that possesses a character that is grand in gesture, but not in dimensions.

Although the Wrap chair adheres to the traditions within Stolab, it also follows the precedence of a soft, feminine edge and a timeless quality that previous designs, such as Hundranian and Miss Holly - also produced by Stolab - had already created. The backrest is upholstered over a wood laminate base, and the legs are made of oak. The seat is also upholstered and is removable, rendering it suitable for both public and private spaces. Following the concept to create a chair that, even though it may appear quite imposing, it should not take up too much space, minimal padding was used for the back’s upholstery.
The Wrap chair is available in a range of fabrics and colours, and is aimed at both contract and residential markets.