Den Nya Kartan - Form Design Center 11.09.15 - 15.11.15 / by Ashlee Lindvall

Den Nya Kartan pairs 24 designers with 24 manufacturers - all based in the Skåne region - with the aim of proving that production is indeed, alive and thriving in the region.

From musical instruments, to chocolate and clothing, each collaboration shows the potential of local production and manufacturing.  For Pharos, a candlestick made of solid copper, Lindvall A & D collaborated with Tylena AB, a Malmö-based machine shop whose clients are mainly in the medical technology and defense industry. This was not the first time that the two companies had collaborated. The two companies have worked together on a variety of solutions to specific architecture and design challenges.

"Tylena mainly works with advanced products with small tolerances, in a segment of the mechanical industry that places a high demand on the finish. This is also suitable for producing relatively less technically advanced products that also require a high finish, made from a few parts that must fit together perfectly. The challenge was to find a form that fits with the idea of creating a more or less generic product that challenges some ingrained notions of proportions and dimensions. We also took into consideration the reduction of  waste and time during the manufacturing process. The result is a copper candlestick that comes from a collaborative process, which took into account the above objectives" says the designer.