New additions to the Miss Holly family launched at Stockholm Furniture Fair / by Ashlee Lindvall

Photos courtesy of Stolab

Photos courtesy of Stolab

Miss Holly Klädd and Miss Holly round are the latest additions to Stolab's Miss Holly collection, designed by Jonas Lindvall.

Miss Holly Klädd is the new, upholstered version of the popular Miss Holly chair, presented by the Swedish furniture manufacturer, Stolab, at this year's Stockholm Furniture Fair. It follows the same form and dimensions as its predecessor, with the back and seat of the chair wrapped in fabric, offering extra comfort, versatility and a soft contrast to the graphic lines of its solid wood sibling.

“Miss Holly Klädd was born out of a combination of wanting to take the family beyond the dining room and to further expand on my investigation into upholstered furniture ranges for Stolab, which began with the Wrap chair” explains the designer. ”I wanted to create a modern chair that is elegant, extremely comfortable, yet quite modest in terms of weight and size. It was also important that it should possess the versatility of being both formal and informal at the same time - a chair that works just as well around a conference table is it does around the dinner table.”


Miss Holly round table is a continuation of the various table options within the series. What is unique about its new circular form is that it is frameless and features three legs rather than four, offering ample and uncluttered leg room for up to six people. Another advantage is that the three legs are threaded, enabling them to be screwed into the fixed top easily, without the need for tools.

"With this table my aim was to further explore the idea of designing something that offers optimal comfort and quality, yet is modest in form and flexible. With its robust top and the rounded machined edges that are characteristic of the Miss Holly series, combined with easy construction, I believe it fills the niche for high quality furniture that is designed to last a lifetime and can stand up to the demands of modern life” explains the designer. The Miss Holly round table is available in solid oak, birch or ash.

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