Woodland exhibition featuring Villa N1 opens at Form Design Center, Malmö / by Ashlee Lindvall

Photo: Åke E:son Lindman

Photo: Åke E:son Lindman

Following the success of Woodland Sweden - Contemporary Timber, a touring exhibition which opened in Berlin in 2018, the exhibition will open at Form Design Center in Malmö on 29th March.

Organised by The Swedish institute and Sveriges Arkitekter, Woodland Sweden is an exhibition of contemporary timber architecture projects, including Villa N1 by
Lindvall A & D. Since opening in Berlin in August 2018, it has travelled on to Japan and Helsinki. Currently at Örebro Konsthall, this month it will move to Form Design Center in Malmö, before continuing its journey to Estonia and Belgium.

A growing awareness of the importance of sustainable building, from materials to processes, has created a renewed interest in timber construction in Scandinavia and beyond. Building with wood has a deep rooted history in Sweden, due to the abundance of woodlands that dominate the Swedish landscape. Forests of fast growing trees have, for centuries, provided a constant source of locally produced, natural building materials, creating a tradition of wooden homes that have become characteristic of Sweden's architectural vernacular. And the trend continues as the latest digital technologies enable architects to explore both the creative and technical possibilities that  wood offers.

Villa N1, completed in 2014, is a family summer home comprising of five separate timber  volumes. Taking inspiration from traditional barns within the region, the planks are placed horizontally, rather  than vertically. As wood is a living, organic material, the facade is untreated and therefore ages and changes appearance over time, emphasizing the natural and constantly evolving beauty of wood. This, along with the obvious benefits of sustainability and versatility, are  just some of the many characteristics that continues to draw architects to work with this incredible material.

Woodland Sweden - Contemporary Timber Construction is on show at Form Design Center, Malmö from 29/03/2019 - 12/05/19. For more information visit www.formdesigncenter.com